The world's first free ticketing platform just got a whole lot better

We're launching our Affiliate Program to help spread the word to as many event creators as possible about PromoTix. You can now get paid to help other event creators save on their ticketing fees, take their events virtual, and sell more tickets with better marketing tools.

How much can you earn?

Our Affiliate Program will pay aggressively on new events created, subscriptions, and virtual event data-plan purchases.

$1 on each new event created

We'll pay you $1 for every event created on the platform, even if it's using our free ticketing service and none of our other paid features. That's right, your event organizers don't even have to purchase anything for you to make money.

Up to 20% on upgraded subscription plans

We'll pay you 20% of the first year's subscription fees for upgraded account subscriptions, and 10% of the second year's subscription fees on accounts that renew with us. That's up to $2,156 per upgraded professional account you refer!

10% on virtual event data plans

We'll pay you 10% of the total amount of virtual seats for virtual events launched on the platform. Standard Definition earns you $0.10 per seat purchased and High Definition earns you $0.13 per seat. As an example, a 5,000 person event may earn you up to $650!

How does it work?

After you apply to join, we'll provide you with your own unique login to your PromoTix Affiliate Dashboard, where you'll be assigned a unique tracking link to send your referrals through.

1. Use your unique tracking link

Simply use your unique link when promoting or referring event creators to PromoTix. This way we can link the event creators with your account, and provide you credit.

2. Login and check your commissions

Each person who creates an event, makes a virtual event purchase, or subscribes to one of our Promoter or Professional plans will show up on your affiliate dashboard with the amount you earned next to their name. Simply login to check your earnings at any time.

3. We'll send you payouts monthly

Each month, we'll reconcile your account and pay you for the referrals that have created events on our platform. It's as simple as that!

Other things you should know

We're only looking for new event creators on the platform, so we don't pay on event creators who already have accounts and know about PromoTix. We also don't pay commissions on your own events as an affiliate - you can't refer yourself.

Each event is reviewed, to ensure it is a legitimate event to prevent fraud, prior to payouts occurring. We reserve the right to make any decision regarding payouts based on our reviews, and we can decide to limit your access to the program at any time.

You can use your tracking links on your website, through text or messenger, or any other way you choose. However, to receive credit, the event creator must create their account using your link. We cannot provide credit if your link is used improperly, or not at all, once a new event creator account has been created. Our tracking links are incredibly robust, and check multiple factors to ensure you get credit even if an event creator clears their cache, or changes browsing devices before creating their account. We do this by cross referencing not only browser cookies, but also MAC addresses and IP addresses too.

So what are you waiting for?

Start earning commissions on referrals by joining the PromoTix affiliate program.


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