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Setting Up and Marketing Your Live Stream Event

Are you planning to host a live stream? Looking for a set of great tools to help you plan?

Hosting a live stream and keeping your audio and video quality consistent is difficult to do within the first couple streams, but it isn't impossible. We know first hand as we've hosted live streams of our own. We've had some technical difficulties in the early stages while trying to perfect the system, and the good news is we've finally figured it out!

One of the keys to throwing a high quality live stream is to research audio and video equipment for professional quality.  Making sure you research and think about each and every piece of equipment you buy can can be a challenge but is a critical factor when trying to have professional quality. Things are always great until you realize you are about to go live and your live stream doesn't look or sound exactly how you want it to.

All of the tools below are 100% Free for your use. All we ask is that you keep our branding and Copyright in tact while editing or making copies of these documents.

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