Create in-person event

Set up your event with free ticketing

How to Create a PromoTix Event


OBS tutorial

Live stream your event using OBS

PromoStream OBS Tutorial


Ambassador ticket sales

Increase ticket sales 10-15%

Ambassador Ticket Sales Product Demo


Ambassador social promo

Track thousands of social posts

Ambassador Social Promo Product Demo


Registration contests

Build hype and sell more tickets earlier

Registration Pages Product Demo

Ambassador recruitment

Recruit new street team ambassadors

Ambassador Recruitment Product Demo

Create virtual event

All-in-one ticketing & live streaming

How to Create a PromoStream Event


Event mobile apps

Create a custom branded mobile app

How to Create a Custom Branded Mobile App


Merchandise sales

Sell more products

Merchandise Sales Product Demo


Ambassador street promo

Track fliers/posters/screenshots on GPS

Ambassador Street Promo Product Demo


Performer insights

See artists your fans are listening to

Performer Insights Product Demo (OLD)



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